Critical Surgeries are still
a dream for some

Your contribution can change this picture for more than 5 lakh needy people.

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FAQ by Donor

Can I Make a Contribution Anonymously

Donor can contribute to fundraise by clicking on anonymous mark while filling the form and mention “Anonymous Donor”.

If you think this way is ideal to contribute for you, you can provide us with your billing information. You may check the option saying: “Do not reveal my name to public” before making the payment .

Do I need to register to make contribution?

No, its not mandatory. However to complete a contribution our portal may require your email address and billing information.

Will I get tax exemption certificate?

No, As of now.

Which payment methods are accepted?

What if my transaction fails?

Deductions happen realtime for successful transactions. In case a transaction fails and the amount is not deducted, try making contribution again. If you still face payment issues please send us a screenshot for failed transaction at this email address: Our technical team will revert within 24 hours.

What is the minimum amount, I can contribute to campaign?

You can contribute any amount starting INR.100/-

Can I raise funds for any campaign?

You can raise funds for all cause(s) as long as they are not in contradiction to the International law or Indian Law.

How long can I run a fundraiser on inCROWD?

Fundraising on inCROWD Runs Between 1 to 3 months.

FAQ. by Campaigners

Can I modify my data to my fundraiser after it is launched?

Yes. A campaign owner has the facility to edit all the content on their page. Our advise to you would be, as a campaign owner, you must keep updating the page regularly by sharing any new activity, interesting stories/facts, related video(s)/photo(s). This way, you can attract/involve the contributors stay connected to the campaign.

What is inCROWD fees and pricing ?

Platform fee Prices
NGO's 3%
Individual 4%
Corporations 5%
All other taxes will be charged extra

On domestic transactions valuing 50,000 and more, there will be a onetime internet processing fee of INR.2000. GST of 18% will be applicable for any transaction. Payment gateway charge of 3% will be applicable on the amount of the contributions raised. On international transactions: In calculation of any foreign currency that equals to INR. 50,000 a onetime internet processing fee of INR.2000. GST of 18% and payment gateway charge of 3%will be applicable for any transaction. International bank wire transfer fee $40 will be applicable. If advertising support is required by the campaign owner, they may opt for a choice of Premier League Plan(s). Additional charges may apply as per the current company pricing policy on advertisement.

Who can start a fundraiser on inCROWD?

Anyone can start a fundraiser on our portal. Individuals, Startups, NGOs, Corporation(s). Fundraiser campaign by any gender can be started with age criteria above 18 years of age. If it is a minor, then the legal guardian of the minor can run a campaign.

If as a fundraiser I was not successful can I start another campaign?

In being a part of inCROWD, we inspire and welcome every campaign and encourage them to learn and win always, you can surely begin another fundraiser, we however, request you to highlight on why your previous fundraiser was not a successful one and analyse root cause to make the second campaign a big success.

How do I need to login and create a fundraiser?

On the home page of our portal, you need to click the “Signup/Login” option available at the top right corner. Login can be done via email address and password. To create a new login, you may click on: New User? Sign Up. You may choose to sign up as a Campaign Owner (to run a campaign) or a User (to contribute). However, you may not necessarily signup, in order to contribute. Submit the form with relevant information asked. Fundraisers, need to provide details including the bank account and my upload all the files, images, videos about the campaign and click the Submit Button. You have to disclose the legal status of the submission like if you are an NGO, you have to upload certain documents for due diligence/verification purpose. If you are an individual, you will need to do a login on behalf of NGO you are raising the cause and campaign for on our portal before you create fund raising for them. If you are an individual raising for your own cause, you will need to provide necessary information about the project like medical transcription, bills, expenditure list, reports, medical history, and others like, a cause for education initiative, or any cause that you are starting a fundraiser for, you may need to be specific in mentioning the goals and objectives of the campaign.

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