Critical Surgeries are still
a dream for some

Your contribution can change this picture for more than 5 lakh needy people.

Fundraising ideas

Inspiring everyone to be kind & supportive, run your campaign / mission / goals and path of life, to start a fundraising and get funds globally.

Used the media

Upload videos and images to be highlighted on the online forum if the visibility is high and content is self explanatory, the contributors will be compelled to analyse the campaign and its story and participate in the contribution. Be honest and specific about the vision and goals of the campaign. Disclose the information about your problem and how one can solve the problem associated with the cause through the campaign, and information chart how the funds will be used.

Spread the word

In todays world of high technology and easy exposure to facts, its not difficult to share the information using social media. Media connects globally with the right source of information. Campaigns can also be promoted on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp Contacts, or any Digital Promotion activity, Word of Mouth, anything that can be useful to you in order to get more contributors through this platform.

Keep the Campaign page updated and Visible

The utilisation of funds is the crucial information that helps contributors understand what to expect from the campaign owner, and how the funds will be mobilised/utilised. This will also help you to raise maximum funds beyond your set goals and expectations.

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