Focus on feedback

On Incrowd, you have access to comments of funders and other people on your crowdfunding campaign page. Use this to incorporate feedback to make your campaign better. The more you engage with the funders, the more they are likely to spread the word.


You can keep track and see which rewards are popular amongst the crowd and which rewards are unpopular. You can increase the number of the popular rewards available to attract more funders.

Social media shares

The Crowdfunding platform can give you information on the social media shares on your campaign. That information can give you useful insights on what kind of people liking, sharing and how you can try and reach more such people.


Regularly keep updating the crowd on the progress of your campaign funding. Post & announce as your crowdfunding campaign hits milestones (Eg. 35% of target reached in 2 days!', 'Half way mark reached in 10 days!', etc.). Share your success. Nearing the end, it will get the funders excited to push you to the finish line. Use regular updates to gain more contributions in the mid-phase of your campaign. Any media mentions (both in India or abroad) / blog posts/ influence reviews/ comments - feature them prominently in your updates can go a long way.

Sponsor /Alliance partners

It is never too late to get a sponsor on board for your crowdfunding campaign. Organizations or individuals interested in your campaign will help propel its success.

Monitor campaign activity

The first week is the most crucial time for your campaign. You will need to make sure your campaign doesn't lose its momentum. Keep track of your strategies, based on funder activity, and you will know if there is anything you need to change the way you're promoting your campaign. Eg., email reminders working better, did your Facebook post get enough traction, or are personal calls more effective.

Also keep in mind that you need to achieve a ballpark of 40%-50 % of the target goal from your inner circle itself. This is the time to contact and push your close friends, well-wishers & family to help you achieve your goal.

Finishing strong

Towards the end of your campaign, get the crowd excited enough to invest in your crowdfunding campaign to the finish line! This sense of urgency will drive the crowd to contribute towards the campaign's success.

Some of your early funders/contributor may even come back to bridge the last 10% of your campaign goal.

Appreciate your contributors individually via a thank you email.