How does crowdfunding work?

How to prepare for your campaign?

Introducing Crowdfunding

How does Incrowd contributes?

"Incrowd" is a blooming concept which escalates world wide, it is a crowd funding website started by theInvoglobe Technologies Opc Pvt Ltd. Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via Internet. Crowdfunding helps you to reach a very vast audience in almost no time via internet and crowdfunding podiums which grasp their network for bigger reach.

You can share ideas (any startup like to write a book or create a music album/ movie/ app etc., contributes a new startup/idea), causes (want to run a marathon to raise money for a cause you believe in), charities (contribute to an NGO/charitable institution/non - profit), events (contribute a music event, art show, marathon, concert) & recoveries (help people impacted by a flood, earthquake, cyclone etc.,). Any donation or idea this is the right platform for all those who need help and who want to help.


The very own tagline of Incrowd is "We fund your Dreams." This tagline is pretty self-explanatory. Most of your dreams are left the way they are and not come into reality merely because of lack of funds. But, here at Incrowd we help in making your dreams come true by funding them. The process is very simple. All you have to do is start a campaign for your cause and we spread the word to a mass audience and get donations from all those who are interested in helping you out.

A Crowdfunding platform like us “INCROWD” will give you (You can be an individual or an organisation) a single platform to build & showcase your campaign story to a large set of funders/contributor including your friends/family/fan base in a much quicker period of time. It transcends borders, you could be sitting in Mumbai, Delhi, India or maybe in Ohio, Montana, USA or anywhere in the world & making a pitch globally. It’s fast, efficient, transparent and effective. Imagine putting out your story & seeing results within 72 hours & closing your fund raising in 30 days.

With us it is much easier to give your contribution and to promote your business to get fund from throughout the world as Incrowd is all over the world which will help a massive number of people to enhance their great ideas among the world and also for the donors who are looking for a specific platform to donate for a good cause.

Social security and advantages of Crowdfunding:-?

Incrowd proves to be very beneficial as we help you to reach a very large audience in almost no time. And we are talking about lakhs and lakhs of people. It also helps you in building contacts with people all around the world. You wouldn’t even imagine a person from a different corner of the world has helped in your campaign.

Also, the main benefit of being on Incrowd is that is provides you with access to capital for you to raise funds for whatever your cause is.

Easy approaching: Incrowd is a blooming crowdfunding platform by using it, you will connect with lakhs of funders or well wishers for enhancing your business and the vital part is once they fund you, they will not interface with your business as it will be through the internet.

Furnishing: Creating a crowd funding Campaign with Incrowd will boost your Campaign and will connect with numerous Donors. As we will allow you to brief about your idea/charity/cause/event on our website which will be published worldwide. At last you will have a furnished campaign.

Publicity: This platform will be a huge opportunity for the people who wants to promote world wide about their idea/charity/cause/event. As it is easy to promote on Incrowd, we will help you with the marketing and some special tips will be provided so that the funder will find it easy to fund your idea/charity/cause/event.

Acceptance of concept: As your idea/charity/cause/event will be published worldwide, so the numerous number of funders/contributor will have quick questions to ask you if something is missing about your idea/charity/cause/event and after their acceptance they will be likely to fund you.

Quick assistance : If you are in any trouble or you need any assistance regarding Incrowd then we will be happy to help you as we are just one call away.

Examples of Crowdfunding with INCROWD :

On Incrowd, typically you can invest an Idea, a cause, a charity (NGOs), an event or a recovery. Depending on your permits, you can promote your campaign to potential funder/contributor both in India and abroad. Have a look at the examples below to learn about the varieties of campaigns you could get crowdfunded.

You can get any innovative idea crowdfunded like;

Book: Fund a new book.

Product: A eco-friendly E-Bike, as a pre order

Music: Get a music album crowdfunded

Literary: Get funds for a storybook for children

Movies: Fund a short movie about drug usage

Technology: Fund a new video game

  • NGO X wants ₹thousand to make a library (with 500 books) for a kids orphanage in Solapur, India
  • NGO Z wants ₹lakhs for animal food and shelter in Calgary, Canada.
  • A Mumbai based MNC wants to raise funds ₹12L for Syria as a lot of kids were injured during the war and for their families.
  • A non-profit foundation wants to raise ₹Lakhs to help the victims of a Flood in X location in India
  • A group of oldies wants to run the Mumbai marathon for Cancer patients & raise 5L to help a Cancer patient from a neighborhood slum, to provide him with basic treatments.
  • Marathon event - An organisation needs 10L to stage the world's first barefoot marathon.
  • FASHION - XZ is planning a fashion show in Banglore with top models and needs ₹15 Lakhs crowdfunded to make this happen.
  • MUSIC - Crowdfund a top music festival in Dubai and make it happen.
  • A Residents Welfare Association wants to raise ₹5 Lakhs to initiate a Swachh Bharat drive to clean up the lake around their colony
  • A group of friends from the same academic batch, want to raise funds for their 20-year reunion.

If you are in need to raise money to takecare of parents, love ones medical expenses, or raise funds for an NGO, A social enterprise, or need initial fund to kick-start your idea/creative venture, or your cause. It would be grateful to us.

Innovative way to reach your goals to help you reach your aspiration through crowdfunding.