About Us



“Incrowd” is a crowd funding website started by the Invoglobe Technologies Opc Pvt Ltd. Crowd funding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Crowd funding helps you reach a very vast audience in almost no time.

You. Yes, you. Standing “IN the CROWD!” It is time for you to Shine.


Why choose Incrowd:

The very own tagline of Incrowd is “We fund your Dreams.” This tagline is pretty self-explanatory. Most of your dreams are left the way they are and not come into reality merely because of lack of funds. But, here at Incrowd we help in making your dreams come true by funding them. The process is very simple. All you have to do is start a campaign for your cause and we spread the word to a mass audience and get donations from all those who are interested in helping you out.


How is it beneficial :

Incrowd proves to be very beneficial as we help you to reach a very large audience in almost no time. And we are talking about lakhs and lakhs of people. It also helps you in building contacts with people all around the world. You wouldn’t even imagine a person from a different corner of the world has helped in your campaign.

Also, the main benefit of being on Incrowd is that is provides you with access to capital for you to raise funds for whatever your cause is.

The speciality of Incrowd:

Incrowd believes in EVERYTHING.

We can help you fund your dreams. Incrowd does not stick to one particular category. You need help for a cause? Contact Incrowd. Need help for an event? Contact Incrowd. Need your idea to be funded? Contact Incrowd. What are you waiting for? Contact Incrowd NOW!

Be it a cause, an event, charity, some kind of recovery, idea or even skills and education. Incrowd can help you through it all.

We at Incrowd believe in one saying very strongly, “Your Vision is now our Mission.”

This simply means that, if you have a vision to do something, go for it. We will help you reach and accomplish that mission. Life is too short to wait and see what will happen. If you wait, life will keep you waiting forever. It is your time now! If not now, then when?


For any further questions or queries regarding information about Incrowd, you can reach us on the following links respectively:

Email : Contactincrowd@gmail.com